Congratulations to Richard Neath – Breakfast Will Do is launched at the Reading Room

We had a great time at the Reading Room last night (31 May) – Peter Urpeth from Hi-Arts discussed issues about the changes happening in publishing – the increase in digital and self-publishing are now a part of the publishing world and this raises interesting questions for writers about which way to go when publishing work. He asked the particularly thorny question that none of us want to look in the eye – should I publish at all? Rachel-erika Henderson has gone down the route of self-publishing and read her poetry – this was wonderful as it was the first time Rachel has read her work in public and she was great. So thank you to Rachel – we think this is exactly what the Reading Room is all about. Maoilios Caimbeul left a ceilidh to join us and read a new series of poems inspired by Roger Hutchinson’s book The Silent Weaver about Angus McPhee, they were poignant and beautiful. He also read a poem called Losses and Gains about the Clearances in Helmsdale – Maoilios apologised for the sadness of the poem but I thought it was a salutory reminder of the pain that touches communities when change is imposed for reasons of profit – an issue that faces many communities in the present. And, as if all of this wasn’t already a satisfying experience, Richard Neath launched his new novel “Breakfast Will Do” – Richard talked about his experience of writing and self-publishing , the ups and downs of the process and read from his book. The audience was rapt as he read a section about his main character Charles, being faced with a burglar in his home…and as with all good writers, he left us hanging at the point where we wanted to know what happened next! Aha, you’ll have to get the book…………
Thanks to all who took part and we hope to see everyone again that next month’s Celebration of International Short Story Day – we are hosting a workshop on Writing Short Stories led by Padraig MacAoidh (Writer-inResidence at SMO) in the afternoon 2-4.30 and we continue the celebration at our evening event when Padraig will be reading and we are asking for local writers to read their short stories as part of the evening programme. Interested? Contact us at