A big thank you…

‘Breakfast Will Do’ launched a week or so ago at the May Reading Room event and I just wanted to say a big thank you for everyone who turned up to listen to Pete Urpeth, Rachel, Myles and myself. I may be biased but I reckon it went well, and I can’t help thinking that the mix of styles, content and experience is what makes the Reading Room exactly what it is.

Pete entertained and informed us with his take on the publishing world as it stands today, Rachel moved us with her beautiful poetry (terrified as she was!), Myles had us sitting in rapt concentration as he read some of his newest work and I launched my second novel.

In my spiel, I spoke of the launch of ‘A Fall of Stone’, how the small pub in Wolverhampton was full to bursting, of how people had to park hundreds of metres away because there were no spaces left in the car park and how I sat, signing books for about 3 hours. ‘Breakfast Will Do’ was a far more laid back affair – and that’s OK. Still a great thrill to launch a book that sprang from the heart and even more of a thrill to have its readers contact me and say how much they enjoyed it, how different to ‘A Fall of Stone’ it was, how it made them laugh and even, how they found it disturbing or felt totally frazzled at the end of it.

That’s all OK, as long as it makes an impression, I’m happy. Love it, hate it, be disturbed by its contents, that’s really all fine. Just so long as it’s not mediocre, I’ll be happy. That will do.

If you’d like a copy, contact me at www.richardneath.com.

See you later this month.