A Wealth of Talent – our first Open-mike Session showcases the talent of our members

A big Thank You to everyone who helped us celebrate International Short Story Day. A great workshop in the afternoon led by Peter Mackay had us thinking about story and character development and how to get our character “into” the story from the outset. I found this very helpful as my character has been on my mind for a while  and this was my first attempt at putting him down on paper – he may put in an appearance at July’s Reading Room…….(Suzy, that’s me publicly committed to reading!) And then, the evening event – an abundance of talent – Peter reading his beautifully crafted poetry and reminding us of Iain Crichton-Smith’s short stories with a reading of The Red Door. The open-mike session started with a song and story from Morag Henriksen – Uncle Donald and son Malkie came to life in the room. Suzy Kelly read a story of warring sister-in-laws set at Neist Point – humourous, yet tinged with lifelong resentments and sadness and with a great twist at the end. Sarah Lister’s story The Visit kept us wondering about where the main character was as she waited for her visitor and a sigh was heard from the audience as we realised; Arlene Haye’s Dinner or Disaster had us laughing and cringing at the nightmare of a woman spiralling into chaos with her efforts to impress at a dinner party and Linda Henderson’s story Chaconne moved us as Muriel moved between the present of her life in sheltered accommodation and her dealings with Mrs McIvor, her irritating neighbour, and her past of love and music and the sense of loss and longing she experienced. All in all, a rich and satisfying evening – thank you one and all.

Charlotte Johnson