Well done everyone!

Well, that’s it. The inbox is full of Baker Prize entries, we’ve collected today’s post from CuillinFM and we can now announce that the Baker Prize competition is closed (until next year, of course). 

Now the hard work begins for Richard Neath (no doubt aided by the lovely Max) as he makes sure all your entries get to the judges over the next few days. Then our judges have the unenviable task of deciding the winners. So we have given them plenty of time to read, to consider, to read, to digest, and to decide. We know it won’t be an easy job and we know they’re up to the task.

And now, we have to wait. You will know who has won on the 29 January when Sara Sheridan announces the winners at the January Reading Room and the results will be posted here on the website and on Facebook.

Sit back and relax (no, not you Richard) and thank you to all our entrants for your energy, creativity, enthusiasm and dedication.