The Baker Prize 2012.

The Reading Room is a quite wonderful, quirky little voluntary organization. I think it’s safe to say that the committee members all love it, what it stands for and what it sets out to achieve. The Baker Prize, for me, embodies everything that the Reading Room is about –writing, first and foremost, but also, of course, the development of writing, right across the board. We had entries from all over the country, entries from overseas and from people at all stages of their craft. Poems of great beauty, prose of striking imagination and subtle language. Some great, some good, some, well, perhaps not so good but, in the spirit of the Baker Prize, all hugely welcome and all as worthy in their own right as the next one.

Administering the competition has been my alloted task for the two years that it’s been in existence and I hope I’ll be allowed to carry on for the forseeable future. There seems to be a strange sort of belonging almost, to what is, in essence, a tiny little writing competition run by a group of enthusiastic amateurs and nutters from kitchens, dining rooms and bars dotted around Skye. I get a very real sense of excitement from all of the emails and conversations with entrants, judges and individual winners alike. It simply seems to work.

So, whether you won a 1st, 2nd, highly commended or (to be announced in due course) were accepted to be included in the 1st Reading Room anthology (now that is really exciting!) or if you simply put finger to keypad and sent in an entry, we thank you for your support.

It was a great competition.

Thank you, sincerely.