Anthology 2013 update

We have a cover design, we have a fantastic Editor in the shape of Meg Bateman, we have tremendous work from this year’s and last year’s Baker Prize winners and below this blog is a list of those entrants to the 2013 competition who, in the view of the judges, should have their entries included in the Anthology.

BUT – there are some lovely big gaps – pages to be filled with the work of writers in the immediate area – residents of Skye and Lochalsh

Please see our blog of 12 March giving details of how to enter. To maintain the extraordinary standard of the work from the Baker Prize and from our invited Friends Editor Meg will read new contributions anonymously and her decision on inclusion shall be final. Happily Meg is fluent in English and Gaelic, of course, so we can’t thank her enough for offering a super streamlined service.

If you entered the Baker and didn’t show on the final list PLEASE, PLEASE don’t be disheartened. You have six weeks or so to work on something fresh or even to fettle away at a previous submission. It may have been a bit of final spit and polish that made the difference to the judges.  Spring is springing in these Islands and your work may have a different feel entirely to writing into a November deadline. I’m listening to blackbirds singing at dusk – it is lighter and warmer and inspiration is all around. Now where’s my pencil?

Linda and Richard (who is probably soaking up inspiration on some wee lochan hidden in the hills…)

List of Anthology writers accepted so far (email coming from Richard very soon to you)

R Jenkins   Martin Cathcart     Thomas Rist       Alison Barr

Heather Marshall   Juliet Lamb       Garry Mackenzie         Ruth Aylett

A Lang          Caitlin Wool        Deborah Moffatt     Drew Love Jones

Natasha Yapp    Ian Stephen   Jane Verburg     Lorn Mcintyre    

John Maguire   Suzy Kelly     Andy Jackson      Mary Robinson