Anthology deadline – One month to go

I hope you’ve been out and about in this glorious weather but even if you haven’t been chained to your PC perhaps the creative juices have been flowing. I always find a gentle amble along my local shoreline clears my head if I’m struggling with an idea or a knotty bit of dialogue. And if the brain seems empty of ideas somehow our wonderful coastline always triggers a little notion or a few words – something to get me reaching for my notebook.

So here’s an encouragement particularly to prose writers in the area – we need you! Don’t let the theme of Island Life constrain you. Let your imagination flow out and around any island you know, let the idea of “island” meander through your thoughts. Islands of the mind, artificial islands, islands that change position, islands that grow and die, perhaps even an invisible island. Beautiful island, scary island, island as prison. Islands to run from; to run to. To love:to hate. Island as metaphor, as history, as future, islands that stop being islands……………thirty creative days to fill. Guidelines for entries at this stage below.

Linda (Richard has deserted this Island for mainland Europe – bet he’s missing us)