The Skye Reading Room Anthology 2013.

Today has been quite a day, what with the launch of the 2013 Baker Prize and also, after what may seem an extremely long wait for many of you out there, the final list of writers accepted for the very first anthology.

Thanks – in huge bundles – must go to Meg Bateman who has tirelessly gone through all of the previously accepted entries, new entries from well-known, established writers and from the local writers who submitted work for consideration. Not only has she read each one and assessed its suitability, she has worked hard at putting together a ‘running order’, broken down into various themes throughout the book. It really is an inspired piece of work. There is still much for us to do – final tweaks, proof reading, discussions over eventual layout for example – but it’s a task that we are all (Meg, Linda and myself) looking forward to.

Thanks must also go to everyone who submitted work and, whether you were successful or not in being accepted into the final cut, we are all extremely grateful for your own hard work.

Ok, here goes – (In no particular order) the final list of writers included in the very first Reading Room Anthology.

Val Fellows, Gill Terry, Morag Henriksen, Linda Henderson, Susie Southall, Liz Shaw, Maureen MacKenzie, Suzanne Arnold, Charlotte Johnson, Suzy Kelly, Thomas Rist, Natashia Yap, Andy Jackson, John Maguire, Ruth Aylett, Caitlin Wool, Richard Neath, Mary Robinson, Deborah Moffatt, Martin Cathcart, Juliet Lamb, Alison Barr, Ian Stephen, Lorn Mcintyre, Drew Love-Jones, Garry MacKenzie, A. Lang, R Jenkins, Jane Verburg, Heather Magruder, Kevin MacNeil, Mark O Goodwin, Jen Hadfield, Catriona Lexy Campbell, Peter MacKay, and Myles Campbell.

There may yet be one or two more names added to the list – we’ll keep you informed.

Congratulations once more and, please remember that the final cut of submissions was undertaken using the same ‘blind’ method as the Baker Prize.

Thanks again, Richard.


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  1. Dear Richard You were very kind to include me in your list of contributors but my name is incorrectly spelt. Best wishes John Maguire

    (not MacGuire)


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