Words from an Island – Anthology launch.

It’s 11.00pm and I’ve been moved to post a blog. Tonight, the Reading Room had a huge triumph, a monumental moment in its history with the long-awaited launch of its first anthology ‘Words From an Island’.
I went over to the hotel this afternoon to put up a few posters and make sure there were enough chairs. There were 50. Optimistic I thought but, in the end we needed another 10 or so. We sold a load of books and had a great night but, what sticks in my mind is the huge level of talent present in that room tonight; writing talent, reading talent and presentation talent. Also big, huge hearts and proud faces moved to tears by what we had achieved.
And, make no mistake, we really have achieved a huge amount. Firstly we launched a writing competition that drew entrants from around the world and prompted winners to travel thousands of miles to be at the prize giving event. We then thought it would be a great idea to launch an anthology, drawing from the work submitted to the competition and from other local talent. Now, with a book sitting next to me on the settee I can quite honestly say what a great piece of work it is. To hear pieces read so beautifully tonight was an absolute joy. Thanks to Mark, Iona, Morag, Debbie, Gill, Catriona, the wonderful, talented Meg, the equally wonderful, talented and hard working Reading Room Chair, Charlotte and my comrade-in-arms and side-kick Linda (Ginge) who finished the evening by reading ‘A Sea Eagle For Mary’ and read it so well and with such feeling that I barely recognised it as my own piece.
I could carry on writing for hours about the huge emotion and elation in that room tonight and could do it no justice whatsoever.
Seriously – BUY THE BOOK, you will not be disappointed.
Richard (Fred).