Happy World Book Night!

23 April is World Book Night and Cuillin FM and the Reading Room to have been nominated as a giver with 2 books to give away this year .
For young adults, we have The Recruit by Robert Muchamore – featuring the agents from CHERUB.
And for adults we have The Perfect Murder by Peter James – author of the popular Roy Grace detective series – this is the story of Joan and Victor Smiley – marriage can be murder!
In the UK 35% of people don’t regularly read. The Reading Agency (sponsors of World Book Night) want to change that – reading changes lives and opens up a world of possibility to those who haven’t discovered why reading matters. And the Reading Room and CuillinFM want to do their bit which is why we’re a nominated Book Giver.

This year we’re giving books away to anyone who emails in to cuillinFM – and we’re going to give away both books as a set, so you’ll get 2 free books for one email! The aim of book giving is to read the books and pass them on. Now you might think, well, I’m not interested in a book for young people, don’t worry about that, you might not be a young adult, but we bet you know someone you can give a book to. And if you’re a young adult and email in for the Robert Muchamore book, then give the Peter James book to an adult you know – your parents, grandparents or ask them to give it to someone they know.
Email charlotte@cuillinfm.co.uk to request your books. Let us know if you can collect from the studio and when you can collect so we can arrange to have your books ready and waiting for you.

If you need your books posting out, let us have your full postal address.

Happy Reading!