Words from an Island – what a great anthology…

“I made some good friends when I lived on Skye and two of them recently gave me a book called ‘Words from an Island’. I had heard about the making of this anthology in the blurry last couple of months that I lived on Skye but never got my hands on it.

Life has changed a bit for me and having spent four years on Islands; 2 on Skye and 2 on a much further north and much smaller one, I can’t tell you how much some of the pieces moved me. They’ve successfully realised how the boundary of these islands creates a sense of place akin to nowhere else.

It’s impossible to pick any pieces out. Of course I liked some more than others, but I found the breadth of talent from stories to poems, fantastic. I am sorry I didn’t understand more of the Gaelic pieces.

So as I travel by train through the relatively flat east coast landscape, I dip in to the book, and every line seems to be saying ‘come back, your island is calling you’. What a perfect line for the back cover.

An incredible work. Thank you! ”

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