And I’ll still not be able to enter…

The Baker Prize is underway – I can almost hear the clicking of keys and the scratching of pens on paper as the ideas start to flow from around the globe (strange, but that’s actually not an exaggeration). While on the committee, I couldn’t enter the competition and now, even though I’m no longer part of the team, I still can’t. ‘Twouldn’t be right.
I couldn’t give my time any more to the running of the Reading Room but I still wanted to be part of it and the Baker Prize. So, I’m extremely proud and excited to be sponsor of the English prose category through my business ‘Richard Neath Drawing and Design Services’. It’s no secret that the English prose section is my own personal favourite and so, some time at the start of 2015, it will be me who hands over the prize to the author of the winning entry and to the runner-up.
I hope your thoughts are many and your most worthy and wordy creations spill forth onto the page.
I’ll see you early next year – I’ll be the one writing the cheque…