Michael Westman – Tuesday 24th February

We’re delighted to welcome Michael to the Reading Room. He’ll be giving an illustrated talk about his grandfather Stephan Westmann whose book ‘Surgeon with the Kaiser’s Army’ was published in November.

It promises to be a fascinating evening and hopefully we’ll see lots of you there.
There is no charge for entry but donations are welcome and you can become a member to support the group.

Meantime here’s what the publishers have to say:-

The Author gave up his medical studies at Freiburg University in 1914 to enlist in the German Army. He was soon involved in bloody hand-to-hand fighting against the French before moving to the Russian front.

Promoted to medical officer, despite being unqualified and barely into his twenties he is given command of an ambulance train on the Western Front. He treats and operates on wounded of all nationalities and ranks and rescues British and German soldiers after gas attacks on the trenches of the Somme. As medical officer to the German Air Force (von Richthofen Circus) Westmann sees the dangers and effects of aerial combat at first hand. He witnesses the British tank attacks at Cambrai.

His writing graphically illustrates life and death in the front line, the carnage and humour that sustained soldiers of all nationalities. Westmann’s insights into the social, political, religious, economic and medical aspects of war time life are particularly revealing.

About Stephan Kurt Westmann

Stephan Kurt Westmann, born 1893, eventually qualified as a Doctor in Berlin. An outspoken anti-Nazi he fled to Britain in the 1930s and set up a Harley Street practice. During WW2 he ran an Emergency Hospital near Glasgow becoming an Honorary Colonel. He died in 1964.

About Michael Westman

Editor Michael Westman is the Author’s grandson. He pursued a business career before becoming a Housemaster at Rossall School and then Headmaster at the British International School in Shanghai. He now lives on Skye where he has started a flying school.

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