Reading Room Seduced by Crime


Louise Welsh frankly admits that Robert Louis Stevenson is her hero. She visually quivers when she mentions her childhood introduction to the Black Spot and also entertains residual curiosity about the five West Indian shells in his chest…


The day of Tuesday, July 28, brought the well-known crime writer to the Skeabost Hotel on the Isle of Skye, for infectious dialogue and an absorbing peep into her life.

Amid the talk of (not too much) blood and gore, villainous characters, and genres of bone-chilling stories, Louise Welsh displayed a ghoulish and nimble sense of humour. A quote of the Irish novelist, John Banville, came with a tweak of the mouth: ‘Words are not flesh…they are easily born and as easily killed…’ One sitting in the room that evening might begin to feel grateful that she or he was not a character in a Louise Welsh novel…how easily insignificant one might become…


Writers Liz, Gill Terry and Debbie Roberts


Authors Liz Shaw, Zoe Strachan, Louise Welsh and Reading Room president and author, Linda Henderson, share the lighter side of crime.


‘The only way to discover your voice is to write.’