Reading Room Writer’s Retreat – day 3 with Donald S Murray – by Della Cheshire

Lounging in the Library

And so it ends…

Day 3 of the Writers’ Retreat and my brain was flagging.

Luckily Donald was as chipper as ever, tasking us with presenting a scenario from differing viewpoints, then helping us freshen up our cliche-littered texts.

In a one-to-one tutorial he gave me some encouraging feedback and useful advice:

  •  develop your voice and build up a body of work by submitting short stories to literary magazines
  •  then write a book of imaginative non-fiction on a local subject, which will have a newsworthy peg by the time it gets published

The last few days have been intense, hard work and wonderful.
I’ve come away with instructions, ideas, inspiration,a long list of books to read and learn from, and a new circle of friends.

I’d like to thank The Reading Room for being so welcoming, Raasay House for its unique setting and service, the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Fund for making it all possible, and Donald S Murray for igniting a spark of magic in my mind.