Helen Fitzgerald at the Reading Room – a review by Rachel O’Connor

The Reading Room was pleased to host author Helen Fitzgerald at our recent May meeting. Originally from Australia Helen now lives in Glasgow with her family. She has had an interesting journey to becoming an author which began with screen writing where she said she learnt a lot about the planning and structure of writing until she realised her passion really lay with writing novels. In fact her first novel ‘Dead Lovely’ started life as a screen play before Helen decided to turn it into a novel and Helen talked about how she visualises her stories on TV and how each scene will play out.

Helen has written 12 books. She’s in the middle of finalising her most recent work ‘Worst Case Scenario’ and we were lucky to have her read some of it to the group. The story is influenced by Helen’s previous job as a criminal justice social worker and was a mix of gritty storylines mixed with black humour.

TV rights to one of Helen’s novels have actually been snapped up by the BBC. ‘The Cry’ has recently been filmed with Jenna Coleman and will be showing on our screens in September.

Helen was a very generous speaker sharing with us her insights on writing and publication and giving advice to those budding writers within the group.


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  1. That is a great summary of the evening, Rachel. Keep up the reviews and maybe some of our missing regulars will return to see what they have been missing

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