Chair’s Report 2018-2019

The Reading Room (Seòmar Leughaidh)

Between the 2018 AGM and this year, there have been significant changes to the Skye Reading Room.  Francis Mitchell stood down in his capacity as Chair and we thank him sincerely for his great enthusiasm for the group and his solid efforts in promoting it.

Simon Clayton went from Deputy Chair to Chair following the departure of Francis and the committee have managed a solid development of our regular monthly meetings at Edinbane.  We would like to express our thanks to those members and others who help by distributing posters, baking for meetings, helping put out chairs and serving teas and coffees.  We are very grateful for your help.

In what has been a busy twelve months for all concerned, I should like to specifically thank all members of our committee (Debbie, Irene, Angi, Rachel, Angel) for their great work throughout the year.  A revised website is well underway and will be finalised this year.

We have had a string of good presenters within a new type of schedule.  The broad concept is a three-month rotation of Author’s Reading, Author’s Workshop, and Book Club.  Average attendance has grown and we have a strong calendar of events for the rest of 2019.  To help us fund the writers and poets who take part, we remain most grateful to the Scottish Book Trust and Book Week Scotland for their continued financial support.

We took part again in the annual Skye Classical Music evening last December and had a stand at the door to promote the Reading Room and encourage new memberships.  A new membership offer was introduced to help people ‘gift’ memberships to family or friends.

Our message to all those who love reading, writing, and performing the written word is clear.  If you live on Skye, we are here for you.  Join us and enjoy your passion.

Simon Clayton

April 2019