Baker Prize 2012

The Baker Prize 2012 Competition guidelines

2011 saw the launch of the Baker Prize Writing Competition organised by the Skye Reading Room/ Seomar Leughaidh. The response was fantastic – we were surprised to receive entries from all over the world. In fact, the competition was so successful that we’re doing it all over again this year. And for the Baker Prize competition 2012, we’re positively delighted to announce that Northwords Now is offering prize money and an opportunity for the winning entries to be published in the magazine. This is in addition to the opportunity for winners to read their work at the Skye Reading Room and to be interviewed and broadcast on The Reading Room Radio Show on CuillinFM.

Once again, the Baker Prize has prose and poetry sections for both English and Gaelic.

We invite entries of prose up to 2500 words and poetry of up to 50 lines respectively.

The theme for the competition is “Island Life”.

The closing date is midday on 30th November 2012 and winners will be announced at the Skye Reading Room in January 2013.

The first and second prize winners are invited to read their work at the Skye Reading Room Baker Prize Awards in February, where they will also have the opportunity to be interviewed and read their winning entries for broadcast on CuillinFM. If prize-winners are unable to attend the February event, they are welcome to attend a subsequent Reading Room or, if preferred, have their winning entry read on their behalf by the Skye Reading Room.

Northwords Now Prizes:

Poem (English) up to 50 lines: £50 1st, £25 2nd

Prose (English) up to 2,500 words:  £100 1st,  £50 2nd

Poem (Gaelic) up to 50 lines:  £50 1st,  £25 2nd

Prose (Gaelic) up to 2,500 words: £100 1st, £50 2nd – sponsored by Bòrd na Gàidhlig

The panel of judges are:

Gaelic poetry: Rody Gorman

Gaelic Prose: Morag Stewart

English Prose: Roger Hutchinson & Angus Dunn

English poetry: Kevin McNeil & Chris Powici

Entry fees:

£5 for a first entry and £3 for each additional entry.

Download the entry form and guidelines here

The Baker Prize 2012 Competition guidelines


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