Open Mic Night 27th June 2017

…. a treatise on the magical effect of being wrong….

It all began with the Reading Room AGM in April and a promise to do more for writers on Skye. So when we had a cancellation for our June meeting, it seemed that the opportunity for an open mic night was too good to miss. Francis offered to MC the event, posters and e-mails were sent out, and shortly after that I began to have cold feet. Would anyone come? Would it be any good if they did?

I arrived late, a symptom of this uncertainty, and was amazed to find there was nowhere to park and that twenty two excited souls were waiting in anticipation in Edinbane Hall. I’d spent the previous day selecting twenty nine poems, one song, and two extracts from one of my books just in case. I was beginning to think maybe, just maybe I’d underestimated the talented people of Skye. Francis went around the room speaking to people, encouraging them to read and getting everyone engaged. We certainly had plenty of people keen to present their work.

At 7.30 I welcomed everyone on behalf of the Reading Room and sat down holding my breath. Five minutes later I was frantically revising what I would read, our readers were very good, excellent in fact. We had gaelic poems, poetic slices of Tyneside, humour, pathos, prose from Reading Room workshops, songs, and stories of all shapes and sizes. By the time it was time to go home the room was buzzing, everyone wanted more. And there will be more – we’re on the case.

When I got home I started pulling out the thirty-two book marks from my selected readings and reflected on the magical effect being wrong. I was elated. And the good news …. I’ve still got thirty pieces ready selected for the next open mic.

Kevyn Smith – Reading Room.