Mark Douglas-Home September 26th

On Tuesday 26th September a good sized group of folks gathered in the community hall in Edinbane to hear Mark Douglas-Home speak about his Sea Detective novels.  The first of these was published in 2011 and has been followed by a further 2 books and we are promised (at least) a fourth.
Armed with some visual aids he proceeded to tell us that he had ventured into writing fiction having parted company with the last newspaper organisation for whom he was an editor.
He had no previous particular knowledge about the science of oceanography however has found the research for the novels has drawn him in deeply to what is a fascinating area of research.  The visual aids he brought were examples of flotsam that have washed up all around the world, thousands of miles from their place of origin.  These now have a place within the folklore of the places where they turned up.  We were also regaled with tales of disarticulated feet and the influence that being from the left or right side of the body can have on drifting.
The novels thus far, have all been set in Scotland and the north west coast features heavily adding further allure for those of us who live on and love the west coast.
Altogether this was a very engaging evening with the author of a series of books that adds something slightly different to the “crime fiction” genre of the 21st century.  I will await the publication of the fourth novel which we are promised takes us to Texel off the Dutch coast and is described as a beachcomber’s paradise.

KS 1st November 2017